An Architecture Lesson on the Tower Bridge

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adrienne: “I would ask students to break into pairs and construct a timeline covering before the Tower Bridge was built to the current day. I would outline enough topics so that students would not have to come up with the topics on their own. I would like to see one group study all the architectural designs that were entered into the competition and the board who researched the architects’ design entries. I would also have a group study the hydraulic system, and I would ask one group to study the change over from hydraulic to electric. I would also ask each group to study the opening day and to ask one group to study the time that the bridge was raised. I would present this lesson with a PowerPoint which had a slide with a title and date and then a slide of one photograph of the topic. I would ask the students to pick which topic each pair would like, then to collect 5 images and create a 5-slide PowerPoint presentation without text. I would collect all the slide presentations the day before and then create one complete presentation with all the student work, and then the next class I would ask the pair to stand and present their learning as we flip through the slides.”