Initial Underground Encounters

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jen: “It is easy to anticipate events like seeing Big Ben or standing in the Globe Theatre, yet the unexpected or unanticipated events are those that stand out as most authentic. Our mad maze through the London underground will serve as my first taste of London. While anxious to see the sights, we were confined by unexpected detours under the most historical and exciting streets of London. Yet, as we sat wearily, luggage heavy, and tired, we were taking part on what makes London, London. I noticed many people from all over the globe and many Londoners giving us a sideways glance—no doubt amused by Americans with logs of luggage…I also noticed an interesting etiquette that New York subway users don’t have. No one pushed or shoved and while everyone was on the go, no one seemed to be impatiently rushing. Two gentlemen even paused to help us carry our bags up the stairs. I found these initial underground encounters (while cumbersome with luggage) very telling of the city that sat above us. The unexpected detour of the underground w ill always be my first taste of London.”