Memorable Afternoon as a Groundling

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ali: “Today definitely goes down as one of the most memorable for me as a practicing English teacher. I’m thrilled that we were able to go see the Globe Theatre on the second day of the trip since it was the place I looked most forward to seeing. The experience of actually standing as a groundling and seeing a production defied my expectations. The experience was one that most teachers of Shakespeare can only dream of. In reviewing my pictures, I’m thinking about how I want to revamp my introduction to our Shakespeare unit…While I don’t teach Othello, I enjoyed the production more than I ever imagined. As we discussed at dinner, I will never forget Othello’s passionate voiced filled with power. He was cast exactly as I’d pictured—strong, large and overpowering—a perfect match to the noble and angelic Desdemona. Having never before seen a production of Othello, I can safely say that this one satisfied my appetite for a strong Shakespeare production.”