Pondering Study Abroad along the Thames

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ali: “I’m sitting here drinking a Strongbru Cider at a point along the Thames River. I’m so excited to hear more of London’s lush history and educate myself…To me, Europe offers so much fascinating architecture, history, people and places that I feel as though 10 days won’t be enough to squeeze all of London, Stratford, and Oxford in, but I know that what I learn here will certainly make me a more educational classroom teacher. How enticing it will be for students to have an English teacher who can educate them about all the wonders of England (and possibly give them a history lesson in the process) so they can maximize their experiences and learn vicariously through my eyes (or camera lens.) I am so eager to beg imagery activities with the photos I’ve already taken and prepare students to possibly accompany me to this same surreal world beyond ours.”