A Brief Visit to the Bard's Birthplace

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ali: “Upon arrival in Stratford, I found myself liking the small town setting much better than the big city atmosphere of London, and the fact that it was Shakespeare’s birthplace makes it all the more thrilling to be there. I could hardly contain my excitement as we were driving in and walking to his actual birthplace—talk about chills! Shakespeare’s house gave a good glimpse into the history of his family, which helps me to get a better perspective on what happened before Ol’ Will was born. I usually only tell my class about Shakespeare’s life, but I was glad to learn more….After viewing Shakespeare’s birthplace and purchasing some Shakespeare paraphernalia, we hightailed it to his statue and then speed walked to his grave at the Holy Trinity Church. Much to our surprise, we were allowed to take pictures. I can make quite the Shakespearean slide show or framed collage of pictures when I get home, which will be quite the teaching tool.”