Exploring Hampton Court II

Monday, July 2, 2007

Nicole: “Today we traveled the tube to Richmond Station and then hopped on a bus to Hampton Court Palace. We crossed the Thames on a footbridge, and the sight of the river is still fascinating to me. Despite its brown color, it still seems beautiful and peaceful. I enjoyed learning about the residence, particularly the modifications by Sir Christopher Wren. It would be so extraordinary to take our students from Liberty High School to see the Great Hall where Shakespeare performed for the King and Queen. The tapestries, woven with real gold and silver, portrayed beautiful scenes of the king and queen and mythical stories. I believe the students would enjoy the tapestries because they displayed so many different stories. We then ate like the king and the queen in the mess hall. I tried sausage with leeks. I would encourage my students to try different foods representing the time period and cultures. We then traveled through the rose garden which was, by far, the best part of the palace.”